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BIPV is becoming popular

‘Communal Living’ is a basic competitive advantage that differentiates human beings from other living things on earth. An area called ‘downtown’ is a system that represents the pinnacle of communal living and has spurred the miraculous growth of societies today.

On the other hand, ‘downtown’ is also an area that consumes the finite resources and energy of the earth at an alarming rate, and is considered a leading cause of environmental pollution. Recently, there has been a movement to achieve growth in city centers in eco-friendly ways to solve related issues.

However, installing eco-friendly power generating units in a downtown area already crowded with buildings and people, all while increasing energy efficiency, is not that simple because installation of power generating equipment may not only raise civil complaints but could also damage the urban landscape.

Nevertheless, humanity has always found appropriate solutions, as was said in a movie, ‘We will find a way, we always have.’ Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) is one solution that human beings have found for eco-friendly electricity generation in city centers.

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