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Q CELLS awarded EuPD Research ‘Top Brand PV’ seal for eighth consecutive year | Q CELLS THAILAND

Q CELLS one of just three module manufacturers to receive the ‘Top Brand PV’ seal for eight years in a row in Europe. The company has also been awarded the same seal in Australia for the sixth year in succession, boosting solid branding foundations to accelerate the transformation of Q CELLS in a total energy solutions provider.

The Q CELLS reputation for quality and trust shines through once again.

Berlin, Germany, March 23, 2021] Q CELLS has been honored to receive the ‘Top Brand PV 2021’ seal from EuPD Research, the internationally renowned research institute, for the eighth year in a row in Europe and sixth year in a row in Australia.

The ‘Top Brand PV’ seal is one the most recognized and prestigious certifications in the global solar industry, and stands as a reputable mark of PV reliability and trust. The seal is awarded to those companies that receive excellent feedback and ratings in EuPD Research’s ‘Global PV InstallerMonitor’ survey, which compiles the opinions of participating solar installers located across a number of leading solar markets.

In securing the ‘Top Brand PV 2021’ seal, Q CELLS has once again proven its outstanding brand reputation for product quality and reliability that has been built up over 20 years in the industry. Buoyed by this independent recognition of the company’s brand power and business success in the global solar industry, Q CELLS can accelerate its business transformation into a total energy solutions provider.

Huge leap forward as a total energy solutions provider

Since its foundation in 1999 in Germany, Q CELLS has led the way for solar technology innovation. In 2007, Q CELLS began developing its proprietary Q.ANTUM Technology, the advanced PERC technology of Q CELLS. In 2012, Q CELLS became the world’s first solar manufacturer to begin mass production of solar modules based on this transformative PERC technology.

Q.ANTUM Technology has since been further improved, evolving most recently into Q.ANTUM DUO Technology with half-cell, multi-busbar design and wiring interconnection. In September 2019, Q CELLS introduced its Q.PEAK DUO-G9 solar module series based on Q.ANTUM DUO Z Technology, which added Zero-gap technology to the existing benefits of Q.ANTUM DUO Technology. Q CELLS is now preparing the next era of solar technology, developing both n-type cell and perovskite tandem cell technology.

As a pioneer and technology leader in the solar industry, Q CELLS has built up its superior brand power over a long time. The Company was selected as ‘Germany’s most popular supplier’ in the Life & Living Award 2020 in the category of solar technology, and also received a ‘Highest Reputation’ seal from Focus Money, achieving first place in the electrical industry category. With enduring success in the solar module business as a foundation, Q CELLS is now expanding its business expertise into energy storage solutions, downstream development and the energy retail business.

Q CELLS provides the Q.HOME+ ESS HYB-G2, a scalable storage solution for the residential segment, with Q.ONNECT, which is its own in-house-developed HEMS (Home Energy Management System). Q CELLS is also planning to introduce its new flexible ESS solutions later this year.

The GES (Green Energy Solutions) business division manages Q CELLS’ downstream business, and has ambitious plans in 2021 to develop and build numerous solar power projects mainly throughout Europe and the U.S. Recently, Q CELLS sold Roppey Solar, an 81 megawatt (MW) solar project in Cooke County, Texas, the U.S., after overseeing development and EPC.

Q CELLS’ DES (Distributed Energy Solutions) business division manages the burgeoning energy retail business. As of now, Q CELLS is providing energy retail service in Germany and Japan, with plans to adapt and expand these services to other nations shortly. In Germany, Q CELLS offers a Q.ENERGY tariff, which supplies green electricity from 100% renewable sources in Germany and Austria to homeowners and small- and medium-sized companies. With its power contracting and solar leasing services, Q CELLS also offers companies in Germany access to affordable renewable electricity from their own rooftop, without the need for an upfront investment.

Mr. Hee Cheul (Charles) Kim, CEO of Q CELLS, said: “Q CELLS is no longer just a solar module manufacturer. We aim to ensure that customers can be provided with all of the products and services they need throughout their energy journey, all from a single company: Q CELLS. A key tenet of our vision is to provide affordable and smart energy solutions through technology and innovation.”

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